Chronic Care

Heart Disease



Thyroid disease



The list of chronic care conditions continues and is a long one.

Thankfully, chronic care is where naturopathic medicine shines!

Naturopathic medicine does an exceptional job addressing the needs of patients in the 21st century where the majority of diseases are chronic in nature. Chronic diseases are not cut and dry conditions. They are rarely cured by a single drug.  Indeed, it is the chronic conditions that need a more integrated approach to investigate them and treat them…which is exactly what naturopathic medicine does.

At Standing Pine Health Clinic, when you come to us with a chronic condition, we will look together at the entire integrated system that is your body and will ask you more questions about your past and present than you think is possible. We will look at your hormones, your liver function, digestion and so much more to search for the root cause of your condition.

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