Think you know what a naturopathic doctor does? Think again.

Did you know that when you see a naturopathic doctor in Washington, you can:

  • get insulin, thyroid, or any other prescription you get from your conventional doctor,
  •  get your cuts stitched up at a significantly less price than the emergency room,
  • get your back adjusted with naturopathic spine manipulation techniques,
  • get referrals to whatever imaging needs you may have (such as X ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc),
  • get well child exams for your kids and annual wellness exams yourself as well,
  • get herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and so much more offered as options to your health care needs?

The studies are in about what patients want in their healthcare!

They want more time with their doctors, so their doctors will know that patients are not just a number on a lab report or a diagnosis.

They want explanations from their doctors, because otherwise looking at Google will be their education on their condition.

They want to know all of their options. We live in a world of information and knowledge but help in choosing the best, most appropriate options is needed and appreciated.

And for all this, they want the best care at the most affordable price that is convenient.

Do any of these sound like qualities you are looking for in a healthcare provider?

The field of naturopathic medicine has drastically changed in the last 20 years to keep up with the needs and wants of patients like yourself. Licensed naturopathic doctors are now the one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs.

Once educated in only alternative therapies, naturopathic doctors now have the most comprehensive education to practice integrative medicine– medicine that fuses the best and most appropriate from conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

I look forward to offering the most comprehensive and cutting-edge naturopathic medicine options to the Methow Valley.

A dark aside about naturopathic medicine:

There is an entire world of unlicensed naturopathic “doctors” that can be found in states that do not license nor differentiate between naturopathic doctors that graduated from an accredited graduate schools and alternative health care practitioners that were taught at non-accredited online schools. My home state of Idaho is sadly one of these unlicensed states. This is unfortunate for the naturopathic profession, as it cannot hold accountable naturopathic “doctors” that may practice dangerously. The naturopathic profession cannot exhibit excellence in education when practitioner education differs by quality and thousands of hours of study. Additionally, it is very confusing to patients trying to understand what a naturopathic doctor does as well.

Thankfully, since naturopathic doctors are licensed in Washington, to use the term “naturopathic doctor” without graduating from an accredited naturopathic medical school and being licensed is against the law. But if you happen upon naturopathic “doctors” in an unlicensed state, please be informed of the difference. To find out which states license naturopathic doctors, click HERE. To find out more about how curricula between conventional medical school, accredited naturopathic medical school, and non-accredited natural medicine schools compare, click HERE.

Thanks for reading and learning!

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