I was given a curricula comparison a few years ago. At first, I thought it was a petty thing to share, kind of like bragging. And bragging is not really my style. But the more I educated people about my scope of practice, the differences in licensing of naturopathic doctors, and expectations of seeing a naturopathic doctor, the more I thought this document could clear up some confusion for patients and give them the correct expectation about their office visit.

This document shows some similarities and some differences in accredited naturopathic medical schools, conventional medical schools, and non-accredited natural medicine schools.

Of course, this chart doesn’t encompass all the differences in education between the schools listed. For example, the non-accredited natural medicine schools do not require that you have an undergraduate degree or biomedical prerequisites to begin the program. Both accredited naturopathic medical schools and conventional medical schools require this. As you are aware of, all conventional medical doctors are required to complete a residency to be licensed. This is not a requirement for licensed naturopathic doctors. Many residency locations are federally funded and as licensed naturopathic doctors are not recognized federally, there is little to no funding to create a residency program for the entire profession.

NOTE: I hope I don’t come across as sounding negative towards other alternative health care practitioners. Not in the least! There are certainly many great healers out there with all sorts of different types of educational background that provide great care. It will just be a different type of care. However, greater understanding in distinguishing characteristics between practitioners is necessary for patients to have the correct expectation of their health care provider.

Medical School Comparative Curricula Combined

Certainly email me if you have any questions or clarifications! We are all always learning!


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