Spring Detox!

Detox Together: A 4 week, Doctor-led cleanse

Never detox before? Done a thousand and one detoxes in your life? All will learn and hopefully be changed for the better by participating in the Detox Together cleanse.

I have seen astounding results in people who cleanse with improvement in their brain fog, joint paint, blood pressure, and more. All sound like unrelated conditions? Wonder, how can they all be helped by a cleanse?

Some say there are 4 foundational pillars of health, areas in life that should be optimized to support health. I am sure you can guess a few, if not all of them:


– physical exercise

– mental and emotional balance

– sleep

I would like an additional pillar to be added.


I am a naturopathic doctor and consider my diet pretty clean and nutritious.

My first thoughts at the beginning of my cleansing adventures oh so many years ago was, “Heck, I have a healthy lifestyle. What will detoxing do for me? I bet I won’t even feel the effects.” I was wrong. When I say I felt the effects, I am not saying I felt more tired or grumpy. I am saying I felt more light and energized both during and after the cleanse.

So…Why detox?

We are living in a brave new world…

Everything from house hold cleaners, cosmetics, carpet, the list is truly too long to go on about- they all contain chemicals that, through one avenue or another, can make their way into our bodies. Clearly, one can go deep down a rabbit hole when you start looking at toxins.

A 1982 Environmental Protection Agency test found that 20 different chemicals in the fat cells of people living throughout the United States. It was repeated in 2005 and found an average of 200 chemicals, a large increase. These toxins are concentrated in newborns from their mothers, with a study showing around 200 chemicals found in the umbilical cord of newborns in the United States.  Whether you live in an agricultural community, worked at a Laundromat, lived in older houses with lead paint, the list goes on, we have all different amounts of different types of toxins in us, referred to as your body burden.

The body burden, in short, can gum up the workings of your body and cause problems. This is a large topic I will certainly be explaining in length during our cleanse. The summary is that decreasing your body burden will increase the health of your body.

What makes this detox special?

Quality. You body needs to be supported through a detox with quality food, supplements, and self care to most effectively get the toxins out. I have done more aggressive chelation of heavy metals with IV therapy for those patients who want to dig deeper with detoxification. However, nothing beats the safety and depth of this cleanse.

Many people do detox protocols with just specific food (or lack there of). I am a proponent of specific nutritional supplements during a cleanse. There is detoxification that needs to go beyond just what high quality food can assist with. I will give you the supplements you need to complete the cleanse, all companies and products that have been vetted by me to ensure they are high quality and support detoxification processes.

Additionally, with this cleanse, you will get a complimentary 1-on-1 meeting with me, Dr. Kayla, both before and after the cleanse, is offered. This is to track changes in your height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and more.

What is involved?

4 weeks. This is no “weekend fast” detox. This is deep and thorough.

Will there be work? You bet. Nothing good comes easy these days, especially when it comes to our health.

I want you to be prepared. This is a physical and mental endeavor that I want you to succeed at so I am here to help you through it all. So as a group, we will meet for 1 hour once a week to talk about body detoxification, increasing our awareness of toxins, and decreasing our exposure to toxins. This knowledge will hopefully get disseminated to your friends and family and we can all live a healthier lives, even beyond the 4 weeks of the cleanse

This is not a month of no eating. I don’t want you to go hungry. The diet is an “elimination” type diet. There is plenty you can eat…but the most common allergens are not part of that. If you have any questions or concerns about food, you can chat with me during your brief 1-on-1 visit before the cleanse.

The cost will be $160-190 depending on the amount of people who sign up.

The dates will the June 5, 12, 19, and 26.  The location and time is yet to be determined.

If there are any other questions you have, don’t hesitate to contact me at info@standingpinehealthclinic.com!

I am excited to offer this to the community and hope you are excited to try it!- Dr. Kayla

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